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Just like many of us have to pay increased HOA dues for upkeep on homes that have been abandoned, condos have it even worse because upkeep fees tend to be much more closely tied to condo ownership than single family home owners.

Barbara Sanz has never missed a mortgage payment, but the plunge in real estate […]

This kind of had me doing a double take at the title. I’ve always heard of “vacationing in The Hamptons”, but this really brings that point home. Looks like soon, that’s all some folks will be able to do!

Homeowners in the some of the toniest ZIP codes in the Hamptons are facing a […]

The finance industry continues to suffer losses and as a result, it seems that some forecasting has shown it’s time to trim the fat where it can still be trimmed.

JPMorgan Chase on Tuesday said it plans to transfer 420 customer-service jobs from the Valley to locations outside Arizona as part of an ongoing workforce-efficiency drive.
Affected […]

A crashing market is great for buyers who are eagerly waiting to chomp into their next home at a fantastic price. But it’s not so great for sellers who are left unable to sell at prices that let them break even with what they bought for. Seems to be a chicken vs […]

As more and more homeowners are unable to sell their home, they’re beginning to face hard choices. Face foreclosure? Short sale? Completely abandon the home all together?
Well, in a sad twist, there’s now another option: Go To Jail.

I just got a call from my brother a few hours ago, from jail. […]

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