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You have to be very careful how you read titles like this because many have a knee-jerk reaction to thinking, “stopping foreclosure - that’s great!”. But there are many foreclosures that are simply going to have to happen if we want the economy to get itself back on track.
You can’t put a fire out […]

We’re seeing this more and more - the benefits of owning a house are no longer outweighing the benefits of renting instead. With high profile folks like Jose Canseco electing to be foreclosed on rather than make uncomfortable payments or the folks who are losing their homes in The Hamptons due to the North […]

This kind of had me doing a double take at the title. I’ve always heard of “vacationing in The Hamptons”, but this really brings that point home. Looks like soon, that’s all some folks will be able to do!

Homeowners in the some of the toniest ZIP codes in the Hamptons are facing a […]

A crashing market is great for buyers who are eagerly waiting to chomp into their next home at a fantastic price. But it’s not so great for sellers who are left unable to sell at prices that let them break even with what they bought for. Seems to be a chicken vs […]

As the housing bubble continues to pop, we all get wet. Some end up stickier than others. Now that the hotter first quarter months are past, we’re seeing that the crash is continuing and that 2008 won’t be any better than 2007. To the contrary, it appears that it’s only going to […]

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