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Wow. It’s amazing to think in terms like this. Nowadays we all have foreclosures dotting, peppering, or downright plastering our neighborhoods. We have grown accustomed to terms like ‘loan modification’ and ‘short sale’. But if we looked at the number of foreclosures owned by just one entity such as Fannie Mae, the aggregate appearance is […]

How much has YOUR 401k plan lost this year? During a recent conversation, I was shocked to find that so many people were so far down in their 401k year-to-date totals. Having withdrawn funds and searched for a better way to invest a couple years ago, I’ve been somewhat sheltered from the hammer that’s smashed […]

As we’ve seen the major banks start to fall apart or get bought by the government, we’ve been inundated with suggestions, opinions, and infighting between parties and ideologies. However, what so many are forgetting about is that the crux of the issue regarding house pricing and the worth of derivatives based on home mortgages still […]

This could turn out to be a very bad thing. There has been a lot of coverage recently about the money that the Arizona government has “lost” or more appropriately, “not realized” due to the bursting of the housing bubble. As Arizona grew in leaps and bounds, so did the budgets based on estimations of […]

Can You Remember How Many Homes You Own? How About How Many Homes You Have That Are Going Through Foreclosure?

An interesting story came this way that sounds similar to the recent Barack Obama and John McCain political drama about how many homes McCain owned vs Obama’s mansion. In a much smaller political battle, one where presidential candidates are replaced by smaller city positions like the Mayor of Lathrop, California. It’s going to be curious, […]

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