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Rising by over 1 Million, the number of vacant homes has now been marked at 18.6 Million in the United States.

A record 18.6 million U.S. homes stood empty in the first quarter as lenders took possession of a growing number of properties in foreclosure.
The figure is 5.7 percent higher than a year ago, […]

Last year I touched on what an Option ARM is (also referred to as Neg-Am [Negative Amortization]) and how millions may lose their homes as a result of them being pushed on those who already cannot afford a home. If you look at the video below, you’ll see how sneaky Option ARM’s can be […]

The US Treasury Department has announced a measure that they hope will save homeowners from foreclosure. Dubbed “Project Lifeline”, it hopes to give folks a chance to find new mortgage options and offers a delay in foreclosure for 30 days.
Having come close to it personally (my short sale story), and having met hundreds of […]

The National Association of Realtors (NAR), can always be counted on to find some way to positively spin the real estate market. However, over the last few months, they’ve been losing more and more positive items to spin. Their last seemed to be the median housing price, which had still been something that […]

I had covered earlier, that Bush had announced plans to help borrowers avoid foreclosure. At the moment it was rhetoric as we didn’t quite understand what would be required of homeowners in order to qualify for the assistance.
Well, today those details have come. Big thanks to CreditBloggers for breaking it:

It’s been tricky trying […]

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