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How much has YOUR 401k plan lost this year? During a recent conversation, I was shocked to find that so many people were so far down in their 401k year-to-date totals. Having withdrawn funds and searched for a better way to invest a couple years ago, I’ve been somewhat sheltered from the hammer that’s smashed […]

Using A Short Sale To Avoid Foreclosure – You Lose Your House But Save Some Credit

Short sales aren’t as easy as they were a few years ago. With the banks now inundated with returned properties courtesy of increased foreclosures and jingle mail from owners abandoning their homes, there’s much more work done by the same amount of people in many cases. Additionally, banks have yet to figure out how to […]

When Will The Bubble End? I Wouldn’t Put My Money On ‘Soon’ And This Is Why…

Everytime you hear the optimists speak about a turn in the economy being just around the corner, you hear of things like the tax rebate checks, or some statistic trying to show that housing isn’t as bad as it really is, or the fact that unemployment and GDP growth aren’t as bad as they could […]

The finance industry continues to suffer losses and as a result, it seems that some forecasting has shown it’s time to trim the fat where it can still be trimmed. JPMorgan Chase on Tuesday said it plans to transfer 420 customer-service jobs from the Valley to locations outside Arizona as part of an ongoing workforce-efficiency […]

Mortgage Delinquencies And Defaults On The Rise As Home Prices Fall

A crashing market is great for buyers who are eagerly waiting to chomp into their next home at a fantastic price. But it’s not so great for sellers who are left unable to sell at prices that let them break even with what they bought for. Seems to be a chicken vs egg question. It’s […]

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