Fannie Mae Foreclosure and Loan Modification.. Now With Hope And Change!Wow.

It’s amazing to think in terms like this. Nowadays we all have foreclosures dotting, peppering, or downright plastering our neighborhoods. We have grown accustomed to terms like ‘loan modification’ and ‘short sale’.

But if we looked at the number of foreclosures owned by just one entity such as Fannie Mae, the aggregate appearance is just pitiful. As Reuters put it:

Fannie Mae said on Monday that the housing finance company has taken over so many homes through foreclosures that if it were a town, it would be bigger than Dayton, Ohio.

It is also on track to pass Richmond, Virginia, this year in terms of the number of houses, and would crack the top 100 municipalities as ranked by DataPlace, a web-based source of housing and demographic data.

As a record number of Americans lose their homes during the worst housing crash since the Great Depression, Fannie Mae now owns 67,519 homes.

The company, which the U.S. government placed in conservatorship in September following record losses, said in its third-quarter earnings that its inventory of foreclosed properties rose by nearly a quarter in three months and more than double from a year ago.

That puts it on par with cities such as Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Providence, Rhode Island, in terms of number of households.

The company is working hard to clear the inventory. On its website it lists dozens of homes in Detroit selling for next to nothing. One listed at $1,900 entices buyers with “100 percent financing,” a ploy with what might be described as a tarnished reputation in the United States.

Yet it seems to be working. A two-bedroom, 1,900 square foot house on Seminole Street is listed as “under contract.” The price? $50.

Enter the world’s largest Ghost Town. Apply for your own zero-down, low-interest loan today! The home of other’s dreams can be yours today!

And if things keep up, someone else’s tomorrow.

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Comment by Richard Stabile
2009-01-22 17:52:20

If the fed keeps putting money into new mortgage paper with Fannies and Freddie, the money will eventually hit the market. So far it is only hitting in the conforming mortgages. I wrote about 10 weeks ago for the fed to borrow on long term treasury’s and put the money directly into new mortgages at low rates to get the market going. I also said they should provide investor financing to get the foreclosed homes bought and rented. Investor will bring a lot of capital to the market. All buyers must qualify under normal standards.
My investigation also finds the heavily hit markets are reacting to the lower prices and lower rates and volume is picking up nicely.

The banks can not get the money directly, they won’t lend or at least not at the rate and quantity we need. When a purchaser gets a mortgage, buys a property, the old mortgage gets paid off to the bank. The bank receives the money and the mortgage is retired. If the bank’s reserves we short to retire the mortgage that is another issue for their solvency.

2009-06-24 18:07:10

To follow up again, they have been selling many foreclosed homes all over the county this spring. I don’ t know what the current inventory is but some measures are that the foreclosures are declining somewhat. Many feel it is moving over to commercial property next.


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