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Not like it’s really a suprising fact, but definitely a sobering one. I previously wrote about the game my children and I play where we guess the number of For Sale signs we’ll count on a street as we’re driving. It’s times like that when you realize the housing bubble and credit crisis […]

Short sales aren’t as easy as they were a few years ago. With the banks now inundated with returned properties courtesy of increased foreclosures and jingle mail from owners abandoning their homes, there’s much more work done by the same amount of people in many cases.
Additionally, banks have yet to figure out how to […]

Just like many of us have to pay increased HOA dues for upkeep on homes that have been abandoned, condos have it even worse because upkeep fees tend to be much more closely tied to condo ownership than single family home owners.

Barbara Sanz has never missed a mortgage payment, but the plunge in real estate […]

You have to be very careful how you read titles like this because many have a knee-jerk reaction to thinking, “stopping foreclosure - that’s great!”. But there are many foreclosures that are simply going to have to happen if we want the economy to get itself back on track.
You can’t put a fire out […]

We’re seeing this more and more - the benefits of owning a house are no longer outweighing the benefits of renting instead. With high profile folks like Jose Canseco electing to be foreclosed on rather than make uncomfortable payments or the folks who are losing their homes in The Hamptons due to the North […]

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