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Last year I touched on what an Option ARM is (also referred to as Neg-Am [Negative Amortization]) and how millions may lose their homes as a result of them being pushed on those who already cannot afford a home. If you look at the video below, you’ll see how sneaky Option ARM’s can be […]

Around town, new home builders tend to raise incentives before dropping price. After all, they report the full sales price, so dropping prices for them is a slippery slope of loss. With incentives, they can give deep “discounts” to buyers, while artificially inflating the price so that their other communities can sell higher.
However, […]

The US Treasury Department has announced a measure that they hope will save homeowners from foreclosure. Dubbed “Project Lifeline”, it hopes to give folks a chance to find new mortgage options and offers a delay in foreclosure for 30 days.
Having come close to it personally (my short sale story), and having met hundreds of […]