Without looking at the ability for most people to get financing, or the fact that home prices are steadily declining, or the other factors that should influence a buyer’s decision to buy a house in Arizona, you could safely say that it’s a “Buyer’s Market” right now.

And if you DO plan to reside in the home you’ll buy tomorrow for the next 10 years, and you happen to be one of the few with a handful of cash and a FICO score above 750, that could be true!

HousingDoom just posted the MLS stats for today showing that over 55,000 homes are currently available. This does not include new home inventory from builders who have so far been offering everything from cars and trucks in order to move the 20,000 or so homes they also have in their inventory.

These numbers can be a bit unreliable though. As sellers get frustrated and take their homes off the market and potential sellers “wait it out”, the numbers get skewed a little.

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