The American dream. Two children, a dog, and a home you own. What is more wholesome than the real estate agent who helps you achieve that dream?

Real estate sales is about EMOTION. It’s a simple fact. This is the reason that staged homes sell so much more effectively than unstaged homes. It’s the reason why curb appeal is so important.

Yes, most agents are taught a thing or two about contracts, but having been in the field, more agents are concerned about “getting that sale”. Of course, because it means they get closer to getting paid.

Now I don’t mean to bag on agents. I respect a few of them very highly, it’s just that I’ve seen and worked with more than my fair share in many capacities.

Very few agents I know would tell a buyer in today’s market who is on the verge of affording a home, to wait until the market slows down further. These are the agents I respect, the ones that know return customers make their money, and not the quick sale or purchase.

Close your eyes and think about the recent headlines you’ve heard. Stories of foreclosures, stories of people being blindsided by emotion, and people buying houses they could qualify for, but homes they couldn’t afford.

Now watch this video.

This could have been you. This was many Americans. Currently mulling over whether you should keep renting or make that leap and purchase that home. Your apartment is getting small after all and you deserve a bigger house! The bank even said you qualify!

Agents and Lenders may be to blame, but the root of the problem lies within our ability to easily be sold into something that isn’t financially prudent at the moment.

So Why Does That Video Scare You To Death?

Because its message WORKS. You empathize with that couple because you have children, or your house is too small, or you want that garage. You realize that if it’s that easy, YOU CAN DO IT. This video scares me because hundreds if not thousands of people have seen it, and many of them probably went through with a transaction that is now threatening to destroy their financial world entirely.

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2007-08-15 13:34:23

[...] the Arizona Republic remarked: Home buyers have long flocked to metropolitan Phoenix’s farthest flung suburbs to get the most house for their buck. In [...]

Comment by Noreel
2007-08-25 17:14:59

How is it that people rationize trading off “more home” for “less money” but have to now deal with “longer commutes” ‘”living away from the fun and lively parts of town” and end up being very isolated.

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