“Apparently A Bunch Of Billionaires Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Give Millions Of Poor People Loans They Couldn’t Afford – Somehow That Turned Sour!”

Some great commentary in here :) I grabbed some of the finer moments near the middle. For the full effect, however, make sure to watch the full clip. Colbert’s poignant sarcasm is eerily appropriate and in step with the way that market actually does work. One of those scary but true moments for sure.

Colbert: Jim I’ll get right to it – what are you so upset about

Jim Cramer: Normally I’m a guy who cares about making money for people with stocks..

Colbert: People like me

Jim Cramer: Exactly.. core audience (sarcasm)

Jim Cramer: No the problem is this, there were a lot of people who bought homes and they didn’t know the terms.. maybe some of them were speculators and they shouldn’t have, but they are about to be evicted, foreclosed.. It’s a problem for all of America because we shouldn’t let it happen. Seven million people losing their homes is a big deal.

Colbert: Well yeah, maybe so.. but uhh.. what got me worried here is in your little clip we played, you mentioned the seven million people losing their homes. but what about the guys who are going to lose their jobs at places like Bear Stearns, what about those guys?

Jim Cramer: My net that I want to help does not include those people because they’ve made a lot of money ..

Colbert: BUT THEY’RE GOING TO LOSE THEIR JOBS! THEY’RE THE RICH PEOPLE.. The rich people have to get richer.. so the poor people can stay where they are!

Jim Cramer: I don’t necessarily want to agree with that..

Colbert: You don’t, but deep down, you think you should

Colbert: A rising tide raises all boats, WHY AM I THE ONE SHOUTING!?!

Jim Cramer: You raise interesting, albeit, wrong points..

Colbert: Oh go ahead..

Jim Cramer: I don’t want the government to bail about anyone who’s making a lot of money, I’m more concerned about the Tom Joad, grapes of wrath thing. There are a lot of people who are of middle to lower income that will lose their homes, but at the same time, a lot of rich people are going to do badly and get small bonuses..


Colbert: TRICKLE!

Colbert: DOWN!

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Comment by jc
2007-08-12 01:51:56

ROFL, this is why I love Colbert!


Comment by Telemill
2007-08-23 10:37:31

Funny as hell. The sarcastic points made here are priceless. Colbert expressed EXACTLY what the “hedge funds” thought in the past 5 years and that is why we are in the state that we are in right now.

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