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In the past, Bush has said “No” to a bailout, which has been relatively well recieved by those that feared that they would end up getting stuck with the bill for the housing bubble. However, while these are plans and propositions, it’s important to remember that nothing has yet been set in stone.
It will […]

I get this question a lot and it’s a valid question. Heck, it’s one I often ask myself as well. Owning a home in the long term has more benefits than detriments, but with the current financial climate, you have to ask yourself:
“If I’m renting my current place for $900 a month - […]

In an article titled “Still Think That The Housing Bubble Is The Fault Of The Buyers And Not The Lenders?”, I proposed that while borrowers were not completely innocent, the lenders were still using quite devious practices to lure the borrowers into the fire.
If you’ve been following the news at all, you’ve no doubt heard […]

We’ve all heard the term, “McMansion”. Wikipedia defines it as such:
McMansion is a slang architectural term which first came into use in the United States during the 1980s as a pejorative description. It describes a particular style of housing that—as its name suggests—is both large like a mansion and as generic and culturally […]

Catherine Reagor, one of the Arizona Republic’s reporters on Arizona real estate, released this gem onto YouTube the other day and I had to repost it for your viewing pleasure.
The guy can’t hold a beat, looks a little awkward, and he completely and almost purposefully ruins a great song, but it’s just so darned applicable […]

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