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As more and more homeowners are unable to sell their home, they’re beginning to face hard choices. Face foreclosure? Short sale? Completely abandon the home all together? Well, in a sad twist, there’s now another option: Go To Jail. I just got a call from my brother a few hours ago, from jail. My brother [...]

The National Association of Realtors (NAR), can always be counted on to find some way to positively spin the real estate market. However, over the last few months, they’ve been losing more and more positive items to spin. Their last seemed to be the median housing price, which had still been something that could be [...]

I had covered earlier, that Bush had announced plans to help borrowers avoid foreclosure. At the moment it was rhetoric as we didn’t quite understand what would be required of homeowners in order to qualify for the assistance. Well, today those details have come. Big thanks to CreditBloggers for breaking it: It’s been tricky trying [...]

Still on brief haitus, but the Arizona Mortgage Guru and Naked Capitalism had some interesting thoughts on causes of the lending meltdown we’ve been witnessing: Yves Smith – Naked Capitalism It suggests that many of the people who took out subprimes weren’t people who bought more housing than they could afford. It says they were [...]

In the past, Bush has said “No” to a bailout, which has been relatively well recieved by those that feared that they would end up getting stuck with the bill for the housing bubble. However, while these are plans and propositions, it’s important to remember that nothing has yet been set in stone. It will [...]

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